We understand entrepreneurs because that’s how we started

Who we are

We are an emerging delivery company in Algeria that aims to improve logistics delivery services across the country. We fully understand the challenges of entrepreneurs and e-commerce retailers through our extensive experience in the field of e-commerce, so we are here to meet your needs and provide innovative solutions

Our values


Professionalism & quality

We are committed to providing a professional and quality logistics delivery service


Rapid Expansion

We have established a network of warehouses and offices spread all over the county



We understand very well the challenges and requirements of e-commerce business owners and entrepreneurs so we have provided a customized solution for that


Speed & efficiency

Our huge fleet of cars and trucks, as well as the geographical distribution, is able to deliver your orders and parcels very quickly and efficiently.

3M Express but in numbrs






Delivery driver




Order delivered

Join our mission to make the best e-commerce solutions for everyone