Terms and conditions

Last modified: 4 August 2023

Purpose of the Contract

The purpose of this contract is to establish the delivery and collection conditions between 3M Express and the client.

Admission Conditions for Shipments

All tangible objects are eligible for shipment, except for money, banknotes, paper currency, bonds, securities, precious metals, cut or uncut gemstones, pearls, jewels, objects of significant artistic or collectible value, hazardous goods, and prohibited items.

The content and nature of the package must comply with the client's description, as well as the weight and maximum acceptable volumes of 30 kg per package.

The maximum acceptable volumetric standard is as follows:

Standard HeightStandard WidthStandard Depth
50 cm40 cm30 cm

Execution of the Service

The service includes the delivery or collection of an express shipment. The client is obligated to prepare their shipments in advance, accompanied by a duly filled-out waybill on our online platform, ensuring that all fields are carefully completed (company name, address, client and recipient's phone numbers, shipment description: specifications, submission, fragility, etc.).

The client is responsible for the packaging of the shipment, and 3M Express disclaims any responsibility in case of non-compliant packaging.

Shipments can be made either by collecting them from the client using the provider's means or by depositing them at the provider's offices (based on the number of shipments delivered daily and at the client's request, from Saturday to Thursday, excluding holidays) at the agreed-upon time.

The client is responsible for the nature of the merchandise being shipped and agrees not to dispatch products whose road transport is regulated, sensitive or dangerous products, products prohibited from marketing, or contraband.

3M Express has the right to inspect the contents of the shipment in exceptional circumstances (e.g., national security request, law enforcement, etc.).

For shipments exceeding 30 kg, delivery times may be slightly delayed due to handling. The client and the recipient have a maximum waiting time of 10 minutes for the provider's agent during shipment collection or delivery.

A package is considered lost after 30 days of investigation and search, following a claim made by the client, formalized by email to the provider's service within 15 days after detecting the anomaly.

Insurance and Guarantees

In the event of an incident (loss or theft) of the transported packages or funds, 3M EXPRESS commits to reimburse the value of the merchandise according to the purchase invoice. 3M EXPRESS indemnifies its partner up to an amount of 100,000 Algerian dinars per package. Therefore, it is necessary to divide the package into several parts if the value of the merchandise exceeds 100,000 Algerian dinars.

Delivery Deadlines

3M Express commits to adhere to the delivery schedule previously defined by the provider, based on zoning, except in exceptional cases (strikes, severe weather, etc.).It is the client's responsibility to ensure that a locality is serviced according to the schedule previously communicated by the carrier before submitting the shipment to 3M Express.

For E-Commerce Cash on Delivery - Collection

When opening an account on the 3M Express platform, a trade register, residence, national ID card, artisan card, or other document justifying online sales activity will be required to use the provider's services.

The sales representative will communicate a specific day of the week for payment collection against a detailed receipt. The client must be present with the shop's stamp, national ID card, or similar identification.

If the shop owner is unavailable, it is mandatory for the representative to provide both identification documents (owner and representative).

If the declared merchandise value is equal to or greater than 100,000 Algerian dinars, delivery fees will be doubled for each additional 100,000 Algerian dinars.


The provider commits to providing the Client with a professional session on the ECO TRACK management interface for shipped flows. This will enable real-time tracking of shipments and receiving automatic notifications on shipment statuses.

Retention Period for Undelivered Packages (Returns)

The provider commits to returning undeliverable shipments to the client, with a restitution receipt, within a maximum period of 30 days.

The provider commits to storing non-returnable packages for a maximum period of 45 days. After the expiration of this period, the provider will be entitled to charge a storage fee to the client amounting to 100 Algerian dinars excluding taxes per day for each stored package.

Force Majeure

Neither party will be liable for any failure to fulfill its obligations if such failure is due to a force majeure event.

An event of force majeure is considered an irresistible, unforeseeable event external to the will of one or both Parties, including civil or foreign war, riot, fire, water damage of all kinds, social movements with occupation of premises, government decisions, regulations, or legislation, or any other restrictions, natural disasters, interruptions in communication channels, energy shortages, or any other cause beyond the control of either Party.

In the event of termination due to the provisions of the previous paragraph, each Party waives any claims against the other, particularly regarding damages and compensation.

Duration of the Contract

The present contract is concluded for a period of one year and is renewable. In case one of the parties expresses its intention not to renew it, notice must be given to the other party 45 days before the contract expires. In case of non-compliance with the contractual clauses and blatant failure in the quality of service, the notice period will be reduced to one month (30 days).

Confidentiality and Discretion

The provider will consider all information, documents, data, or concepts that may come to its knowledge during this contract as strictly confidential and agrees not to disclose them. The provider also undertakes to exercise the utmost discretion regarding its relationship with the partner's clients and ensures that its personnel observe the basics of respect, politeness, and courtesy towards end customers. Delivery personnel commit to maintaining confidentiality regarding the contents and information of the packages they are responsible for delivering.

Entire Agreement - Amendment - Annexes

This contract and its annexes constitute the entire agreement between the Parties and represent the entirety of the contractual relationship between them. The contract may not be amended without a written amendment signed by both Parties.